The company B-open started its course in the high Tech industry in the beginning of 2004. In 2004 the jPlaton Platform was already developed, tested and the same year applied in the Vehicle Technical Control industry with the jKteoVTC. Product has been adopted by the 60% of the VTC Market making B-open a leader in the industry of Technical Controls.

Bopen innovates with jPlaton

jPlaton platform is a modern design environment for the development of Open Distributed Management Applications (Design, Development and Runtime Environment for Open Distributed Enterprise Applications).

It is the first worldwide known implementation of an integrated programming model of 'multi-level programming' (Multi Layer Programming - MLP), which was first presented in the 2004 Infosystem exhibition and since then grows along with the theoretical background. The Multi Layer planning is an idea that has been already applied in image processing (Multilayer Image Processing). It allows an application to be developed on multiple layers which affect each other in a hierarchical model based on conditions.

Comidor Cloud

From 2007 B-open started exploring the possibilities of Cloud Computing with jPlaton's architecture allowing the company to implement any type of Cloud Solution (Public, Private, Hybrid e.t.c) in any kind of Application. Development was focused on Comidor, an online application platform and collaboration application for small and medium enterprises. Comidor is an application that besides its own implemented tools and email client, can connect to any kind of database allowing every kind of integration.

ISO Certification

B-open has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013
The 9001:2015 refers to the Design, Development, Analysis and Support of business software and applications
The 27001:2013 refers to the Design, Development, Implementation,Sales and Technical Support of business software applications

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