Autocloud is an IT application that would best serve your daily activities. Standard CRMs cannot easily meet the specific requirements and special demands Auto Inspection and Dealers Centers are facing.

An innovative software specially designed for these centers' daily operations with main aim to boost operational efficiency. Autocloud is a state of the art IT application that manages all operations associated with running an Auto Center. It holistically controls all processes required for the technical inspection of vehicles in accord with applicable local laws and regulations and helps in managing customers' information and appointments. It offers a modern solution which combines functionalities through technologies, with enhanced security in every platform.

It has been in the market for more than 10 years and has already helped inspecting more than 2 mil cars in Europe!

It is considered by far the most complete Auto CRM software solution, able to handle all relevant information flow and due to its versatile open architecture and cloud nature it can be ‘’plugged in’’ to any Auto Center regardless of its H/W infrastructure or vehicle inspection equipment or the current operational variability.

Autocloud can provide to your enterprise the following features:

  • Unified management of the customers
  • Central management and adjustment of price policy
  • Appointments management and scheduling for all the Control Centers (availability, completeness)
  • Inspections and financial data from all the Control Centers
  • Client financial data (Balances, Gross profit) per Control Centers and in Total
  • Unified tracking of inspection deadlines and expirations
  • Unified campaigns based on custom criteria applied on unified data.
  • Ability to organize clients based on smart cards
  • Statistics reports / graphs
  • Financial reports / graphs

Unify all your daily activities into one, integrated and simple-to-use solution that saves you money, time and helps you improve your operation, enhance your customer relationships and deliver successful results.

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